It's been just over 10 years since I first considered starting a blog. You see, I couldn't simply use a free or paid-for service – I had to at least set it up myself on a system I manage. In the end, it meant this little project kept getting pushed back. In some ways I am happy I did not start it a number of years ago – my views are more moderate; I would've now been slightly embarassed by some of the rants I might've come up with.

This site is meant as a platform where I can share some of the more-or-less interesting things I stumble upon or work on. There will still be opinion pieces and their level of extremeness is inherently subjective. As with any reading material, it's up to you to judge its worthiness.

The title of this blog, Poetry of engineering, is pretentious. I was never much of a poetry fan; or a prose fan for that matter. Some in my family are very much into literature (and that is an understatement). As we were discussing poetry and they were telling me what emotions a beautiful verse can awaken, I smiled thinking that it's not that far removed from my own interactions with my work. I'm filled with awe whenever I encounter a perfect system design, a perfect piece of code, a perfect solution to a problem. And I can't help but feel filled with an unimaginable sense of satisfaction whenever I create such a perfect system design, a perfect piece of code or come up with a perfect solution to a problem. Maybe it's not quite the same thing, but I still strongly believe that there is art in engineering.